How can I dedicate all my  works for Krishna.?

When we apply all the materials in the service of Lord, they become spiritual.

The objective of whole Bhagavad Gita is that only. Krishna never tells us to skip our material duties. He beautifully and uniquely gives us the process of making all our material duties as HIS SERVICE.

That is why, Bhagavad Gita is a text book in many universities.  It is not just a spiritual guide for a certain religion only. It is applicable for the whole mankind.

In the chapter KARMA YOGA, Lord Krishna BEAUTIFULLY explains how to make our material duties (svadharma) as His Devotional Service.

Bhagavad Gita is a Guide to make us WORK, not to quit our works. For example, Arjuna feared for the loss of his kiths and  kins and teachers in the battle field.  He thought that BY  QUITTING  THAT WAR, he can avoid sins.  We too will think like that only, if we are in his position.  But, Bhagawan DID NOT ENCOURAGE him to quit the war.

Apply the same in your life.  Dedicate all your works for Krishna.

If you are working, spend a part of your earning for preaching about Krishna, or, helping those who are already preaching. By doing so, you can purify your earning.   Make your working spot as the serving spot of Krishna.  Make your friends in work spot as the devotees of Krishna.  Distribute Srila prabhupada’s books to them and make them to do the same.  Thus, you have made your JOB as the Service for Krishna.

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