all. I m leaving. Ok. Out of the billiards hall far, I looked back, Tan Lingling has entered the store, I shook my head, this phone I do no.t want to fight, and Tan Lingling things on the past, I do not want a strong Of the woman, and then bet once, not worth it Back home, I sent a message to Liu Dong. After a while, Liu Dong back to the phone, I first asked to help him secretly help, then asked Li Er Mao who is not already evacuated the bar Liu Dong said that after the opening of the bar, Li Er Mao s people have not been to, and now see the floor is indeed another person, but Liu Dong think Gao Lehai and Li Mao Magento Certified Developer it exam s relationship is not broken, he will help me find Magento Certification Lee Two hair clues. I nodded, told Liu Dong must be careful, do not want to dry on the withdrawal, do.not take their own ride. Liu Dong Ha ha a music, Zhang Fan, you can rest Magento Certified Developer assured that this time I come back, think about it, with a big goal, the goal is not achieved I can not withdraw. Big goal I surprised a moment, blink of an eye, how everyone has a new idea, can not help

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